What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Parking Ordinance Updates
Updates to the municipal code related to parking enforcement in the Village were recently approved. The updates, which are now being implemented, will simplify the parking enforcement process and provide more convenient alternatives for citizens to comply with citations received for parking violations. Updates were necessary in order to bring fines into compliance with the minimum amounts required by State law. They will also enhance the police department¡¦s ability to collect unpaid fines.

Improvements put in place to improve the process include: printing citations on a more weather resistant form; including a reply envelope with the citation; adding technology to accommodate payment with a credit or debit card; and expanding payment methods to include return mail and online options. The updates will also increase the fine for parking where prohibited from $10 to $20, which is a Required minimum fine mandated by State Statute. ¡§Updates were initiated to bring us into compliance with the State mandated minimum,¡¨ commented Brian J. Wagner, Chief of Police in Pleasant Prairie. ¡§But, this has also given us the opportunity to improve the process and offer better options for those who must pay a citation.¡¨

The fine for handicap parking violations has also been raised. ¡§This particular fine was raised above the minimum amount required by State Statute to $100,¡¨ added Wagner. ¡§This was a request made in order to discourage non-handicapped persons from occupying the spaces that are designated for those with true handicaps, those who truly need a wider space and closer distance.¡¨

Under the revised ordinance, those who choose not to pay their citation will also face stricter consequences. For citations that remain unpaid after a 30-day period, the fine will now double. The funds will be used to cover the administrative costs associated with additional notices, tracking and collection. In addition, the department will now have the authority to suspend vehicle registrations and deny future registrations for non-payment of fines. Violators will cover the cost of submission to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Traffic Violations and Registration Program, a $5 fee, over and above the amount of their citation.

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