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Engineering to Begin
During February, the Village Board approved two agreements for engineering services related to upcoming roadway improvements. The Village is planning for the reconstruction of 116th Street and the resurfacing of a portion of 91st Street. The agreements, approved on February 2, call for surveying, design, construction plans, specifications and permitting to be completed for both projects. The Village originally approved plans for the reconstruction and improvement of 116th Street in 2005.

The 116th Street project calls for the reconstruction of the roadway between Sheridan Road and 39th Avenue. Initial plans call for a three-lane urban cross section and an off-street bicycle path adjacent to the reconstructed street. Since planning began, the scope of the project has evolved to include: a traffic analysis; the design of a roundabout at 39th Avenue and 116th Street; a pavement analysis to determine whether asphalt or concrete will be used; and the design of a storm water management pond required for the treatment of storm water runoff.

Design services for the project will cost $240,000. Design services were originally estimated at $175,750 in the 2009 budget. The cost has increased to accommodate the expanded scope of the project, which will better integrate longer-term improvements addressing a variety of needs. The Five-Year Road Improvement Plan calls for reconstruction of this section of 116th Street as part of the 2010 budget. If the Village receives stimulus funding for this project, however, reconstruction may begin as early as this year.

The 91st Street project will include pulverizing and paving a 1,600-foot section of 91st Street east of Sheridan Road. 91st Street is a City of Kenosha road that serves as the boundary for both municipalities. A median will be constructed at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing to meet quiet zone risk criteria. A quiet zone is an area of railroad with a crossing through which locomotives travel without regularly sounding their horns. The median is meant to deter or prevent cars from driving around lowered safety gates at the quiet zone crossing.

The cost for design services will be $26,200. Funds for the design and resurfacing were planned for as part of the 2009 road maintenance budget. In November, the Village entered into a 50% cost sharing agreement with the City of Kenosha for this project. This portion of roadway is located in the City of Kenosha.

Crispell-Snyder, Inc. of Lake Geneva will provide engineering services for both projects. The firm was selected based on previous knowledge of work completed in both areas. “On the 116th Street project, in particular, Crispell’s past involvement with work on the roadway will be key,” commented Mike Spence, Village Engineer. “They have the resources to quickly initiate and complete design, which could be critical for the awarding of potential stimulus money for the construction.” The reconstruction of 116th Street was proposed by the Village as a possible project request should federal stimulus funding become available.

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