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Bike & Pedestrian Trail Plan
The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin was selected as the consultant to prepare a Bike and Pedestrian Trail Plan for the Village of Pleasant Prairie on Monday, February 16. The group will now begin work on a plan for implementing, funding, and constructing an integrated bicycle and pedestrian network. The aim is to connect Village parks, open spaces, existing bike trails, employment centers, transit, and residential areas and to encourage multi-modal transportation opportunities, combining various modes of transportation.

The initial phase of the project will include a public outreach element. The Federation will work with Village staff to develop an online survey and host two public meetings to gather citizen input. They will then inventory existing resources and documents. Information from these two phases will then be analyzed, and design guidelines and recommendations will be developed.

A final plan will incorporate elements for: a trail system, facilities, signage, parking, roadway improvements, and programs for public education, encouragement and enforcement. The final plan will also include: a matrix for phasing and implementation, cost estimates, maintenance recommendations, and funding alternatives. The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin anticipates having a final plan delivered to the Village by December 15, 2009.

“Our end vision is an integrated system for bicycle and pedestrian travel that works hand-in-hand with other modes of travel in our community,” commented John Steinbrink Jr., Superintendent of Public Works for the Village. “The project will take some time to complete, but ultimately, we want to provide for safe, flexible and efficient travel to areas within the Village and provide points of connection with other modes of transportation.” As more information becomes available regarding the public input sessions, it will be posted to the news section of this website.

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