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Aerial Spraying This Spring
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources operates a Gypsy Moth Suppression Program in cooperation with local counties, the UW-Extension, and other groups. The program is designed to help the public identify and suppress gypsy moth outbreaks. Outbreaks, which occur about every ten years, can lead to heavy defoliation of forest and shade trees.

During 2008, in response to public information provided by the program, property owners in various parts of the Village contacted the Gypsy Moth Coordinator for Kenosha County with concerns about the gypsy moth population in their area. In response to the contacts, this past autumn, the Village Parks Department completed surveys at multiple points throughout each of these areas. The surveys revealed quantities of gypsy moth egg masses that are classified as an outbreak. Due to the density of the egg masses within the surveyed areas, the areas qualify for a Suppression Program Grant for aerial spraying.

Four areas in the Village have been slated for aerial spraying by the DNR this spring. These include: two 24-acre areas along Cooper Road, one just south of Highway 50 and west of Cooper Road, and the other just south of 80th Street, mostly east of Cooper Road; one 39-acre area surrounding Lakeshore Drive in Carol Beach; and one 39-acre area north of 107th Street and east of Green Bay Road. The spraying will take place between May and June. The insecticides used in the spraying pose no hazards to humans, pets, standing water or plant life and specifically affect gypsy moths.

A public informational meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 11 at the Kenosha County Center located at Highways 45 and 50. Residents with questions related to the spraying may contact Daniel Treloar at 262/857-1895. Those within the proposed areas who would like to object to the spraying are asked to submit their objection in writing by February 27 to: Daniel Treloar, Conservation Planner, 19600 75th Street, Bristol, WI 53104 or dtreloar@co.kenosha.wi.us. Because of the public information campaign, no letters will be mailed to residents within the spraying areas.

The cost for the aerial spraying is $40 per acre. With 126 total acres to be sprayed in Pleasant Prairie, the total cost will be approximately $5,040. The Village is expecting to pay 50% of the cost and to receive a grant from the Gypsy Moth Suppression Program to cover the remaining 50%. More information related to the gypsy moth, and efforts you can take to identify and control this pest, is available at gypsymoth.wi.gov.

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