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Your Help Makes a Difference
During an emergency situation, minutes count. Early response is a critical factor in protecting life and property. During winter weather months snow and ice create an additional challenge for emergency personnel responding to calls for help. You, as a resident, are in a position make a difference and to help protect your family and neighbors.

By regularly clearing snow away from fire hydrants, you are helping to improve response times in the event of an emergency in your neighborhood. In general, a minimum radius of five feet of snow clearing is necessary so that emergency personnel can easily see fire hydrants. Keeping driveways and walkways cleared of snow also saves valuable time when emergency responders transport equipment and patients to and from your home or business.

During colder temperatures, snow removal may be difficult and even dangerous for elderly or disabled neighbors and those with health conditions. The Village encourages all residents to offer their assistance to neighbors in need. If you notice that a neighbor is unable to clear snow from their drive and walkway, or from hydrants on their property, please lend a hand. Here’s a list of what you can do to help...

• Clear snow from fire hydrants.
• Keep drives and walkways cleared of snow.
• Clear snow and ice away from your house numbers so they are visible from the street.
• Assist your elderly or disabled neighbors.

Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue thanks you for your help in making your neighborhood a safer place. Your help truly makes a difference.

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