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General Government
General Government Departments in the Village include: Police, Municipal Court, Fire & Rescue, Public Safety Communications, Public Works, Parks, Engineering, Building Inspection, Assessing, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Administration, and Community Development. The budget for these departments is based on income from both property taxes and other revenue sources. During 2009, the Village plans to decrease spending in the General Government budget by approximately 8%.

Despite decreased spending, the 2009 Village budget will result in a property tax increase. For a median valued home in Pleasant Prairie ($242,600), the Village portion of your property tax bill will increase 2.6%, which equates to about $21 extra dollars for the year. The increase for the average homeowner, however, will be offset by a decline in residential assessed values. The average residential assessed value declined by $1,200 during 2008.

During 2009, the Village will direct approximately 70% of the budget dollars toward public safety and public works services. The majority of the remaining percentage will be used to pay down debt and support general government operations. In 2009, the Village will proceed with plans to reconstruct 85th Street and will begin preliminary planning for future improvements to 116th Street. These two projects will be funded with bonds and grants. To learn more about the projects planned for 2009 and how they will be funded, please see downloadable PDF below.

On a separate note, during 2009, 2010, and 2011, Village debt payments related to General Government will be significantly smaller. This is due to a conservative borrowing schedule followed in recent years. The Village has plans to use the savings gained from the smaller debt payments for future capital purchases and road resurfacing, as opposed to borrowing additional funds.

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