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Budgeting Approach
The Pleasant Prairie Village Board holds the ultimate responsibility for approving or rejecting the Village budget as presented by the Village Administrator. They review and question individual components of all areas of the budget and request modifications to budget plans during the process. This year, the national economic climate has presented additional challenges to creating a budget that balances high quality municipal services and low residential taxes. The December issue of your Village newsletter will help explain how the Village plans to maintain this balance in the upcoming year given the context of the current economy.

Planning for the 2009 budget began in June. As the process was first beginning, the economic downturn had not yet presented itself in full swing. As the initial budget proposals were being prepared, economic indicators began painting a more challenging financial picture for the year ahead. In response, Village Department Heads were asked to return to their initial proposals and reevaluate or postpone any projects or replacements that were not vital to maintaining the current level of municipal services offered.

In early November, the Village Board, Administrator and Department Heads met in an open working session to structure a Village budget that would meet the unique challenges of the current economic climate while maintaining a high level of service for Village residents. Village budgets were presented during public meetings held in the month of November. Final budgets were approved by the Village Board on December 4. All-in-all, seven separate budgets were approved. Included were budgets for the: General Government Departments, Sewer Utility, Water Utility, Solid Waste Fund, Clean Water Fund, Recreation Enterprise, and new Fleet Internal Service Fund. For more information related to these areas, a copy of the December newsletter can be found as a PDF below.

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