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Prairie Family Days
During a December 15 meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board passed a resolution relating to Prairie Family Days that showed their support for the continuation of the festival as an alcohol and gaming free, family-focused event. While working through plans for the 2009 budget, discussions surrounding the event took place. Over the past two years, attendance at the summer, family-style festival has declined. Discussion centered on possible options for new formats for the event and the possible formation of a community group to guide a redesigned festival for 2009.

Pleasant Prairie has been hosting Prairie Family Days every year since 1995. The event was originally created as a tournament and celebration to end the youth, summer sports season run by the Village’s recreation department. Over the past ten years, the event has grown into a three-day festival offering: youth sports tournaments, a 5K Walk/Run, youth oriented contests and activities, food vendors, other vendors, games, inflatable attractions, music, and a pyromusical fireworks display.

Though the event has been successful in covering expenses in past years, a weekend of heavy rain in 2007 and a slowing economy in 2008 have had an impact on attendance and sponsorship for the past two events. Through the resolution passed this month, the Village Board has indicated that they would like to see the formation of a citizens group that could “evaluate and plan for the evolution of Prairie Family Days.” The resolution also confirmed the board’s desire to retain the family-centered nature of the event without the introduction of alcohol sales or casino style games. As such, all interested citizens are invited to call 262/925-6735 or email mstratton@plprairie.com to be placed on a contact list for the citizens group.

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