What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Utility Bill
In response to rate increases from service providers and other economic factors, the charges on Pleasant Prairie utility bills are expected to increase during 2009. Rate increases are planned for the Sewer, Water, Clean Water, and Solid Waste Utilities. Pleasant Prairie bills utility and solid waste customers for each of these charges on a single, monthly utility bill.

The sewer and water rate increases correspond to an increase in rates charged to the Village by the Kenosha Water Utility. A Clean Water Utility rate increase will be used to help the Village to comply with federal mandates related to the reduction of pollutants in storm water runoff. The garbage and recycling increase corresponds to an increase in tipping fees per ton of garbage in 2009, in addition to expansion of the compost program.

For an average Village utility customer, the monthly bill will increase approximately $2.50, or roughly $30 for the year. The increase will allow the Village to maintain the current level of service provided by each of the areas. In certain areas, it will also help build reserve funds for future replacement costs. Finance Director Kathy Goessl commented, “The Village remains committed to providing a high level of service in each of these vital areas. The increase will help ensure that the Village can continue to complete our work without compromising future budgets.”

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