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Community-Focused Partnership Yields Announcement of Expansion
The Village of Pleasant Prairie is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between the Village and Uline, Inc. for the company to provide $8 million towards the construction of a 50-meter long, 2-meter deep, Olympic-sized pool at LakeView RecPlex. Construction of the new pool is expected to begin early in 2009 with completion of the project anticipated by September 1 of the same year. No taxpayer dollars will be used for the construction or operation of the pool.

“Uline and the Village have developed a strong, community-focused partnership,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator. “Uline has a keen focus on a high quality of life, not only for their own employees, but for all those who live and work in their communities. They see the positive, regional impact that a facility of this nature can have.” Uline is currently building a new corporate campus in Pleasant Prairie, incorporating 418,000 square feet of office space and 1,800,000 square feet of distribution space. When phase I of the project is completed in 2010, Uline will be the largest employer in Pleasant Prairie.

The new pool is meant to serve the regional community by providing opportunities for: expanded swimming lessons, lap swimming, competitions and triathlon training. The facility will accommodate 1,000 spectators. It is anticipated that the addition will provide surrounding businesses the opportunity to generate additional revenue by providing conveniences to swimmers and their families who attend events at the facility.

The addition will be constructed on the southwest side of the facility. Green design concepts will be incorporated to: help lower operating costs, conserve energy, provide a healthier indoor environment, and lessen the facility’s impact on the environment. The new pool will be built with a heat transfer technology incorporating a device that can effectively transfer heat from one fluid to another. The heat source for the new pool will be Lake Andrea. The pool will also incorporate the new UV technology that was installed in the current aquatic center earlier this year. The UV technology provides immediate water purification with a reduced dependence on harsh chemicals. The new pool will be an added benefit for RecPlex members, who have indicated in past surveys that they would like to see an amenity of this sort. Member rates, however, will not increase due to the addition.

Uline commented on the announcement...
"The Uihlein family and the employees of Uline are all very excited to open our new corporate headquarter[s] in Pleasant Prairie in the spring of 2010. It will be great to have all of our corporate employees together in one building. The village board, Mike Pollocoff and the rest of the village staff have been very responsive in helping to keep our project moving on a fast track. Uline and the village have developed a strong partnership and Uline is excited to help the village out with this fantastic addition to the RecPlex.

The new pool and expanded day-care facilities will add to an already extensive list of amenities offered at the RecPlex. We expect that many of the Uline employees will become members of the RecPlex to take advantage of the many programs offered, from fitness classes to day-care. Uline fully supports physical fitness and offers it[s] employees seminars on fitness, weight watcher classes and fitness facilities. While the new Uline campus will have a fitness center, it will not offer the variety of options avai[l]able at the RecPlex. We are excited that our employees will be able to take advantage of all the programs offered by the RecPlex.

Uline is honored to assist the village in providing funding for the new pool and expanded day-care facilities which will benefit all the residents of Pleasant Prairie. We look forward to moving into our new campus and making Pleasant Prairie our new home."

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