What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Key Component Approved
One of the final components of a comprehensive Development Plan for land in Pleasant Prairie owned mainly by Abbott Laboratories was considered and approved by three Village bodies on Monday evening, September 29. During consecutive meetings of the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission, Community Development Authority (CDA) and Village Board, a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements (Declarations) was considered and approved by each body for the roughly 482-acre site.

The Declarations outline which entities will be responsible for the construction, ownership, maintenance, and funding of improvements for the 482-acre site. The document defines in detail how this will all be accomplished and which groups will be responsible for the different actions. It takes various ownership scenarios into account. The significance of the Declarations will take hold once the final document is signed, by each of the parties involved. The Declarations will be recorded on the deed for the properties, which in effect, will place almost permanent restrictions on the use of the property that will pass with the land from owner to owner.

Two years of time and attention have been invested in creating these documents. The PDD-1 Zoning Ordinance, Development Agreement and related documents lay out specific plans and timelines for the future development of the site. The result will be a unique, large-scale, campus-like complex with a gated core area dedicated to healthcare or pharmaceutical development, which will be surrounded by commercial support businesses along the un-gated periphery. The development will be regulated by a very detailed set of expectations and instructions that will be easily interpretable by any successive owners and Village planners. It is expected that finalized documents will be signed within the upcoming weeks.

Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator offered his perspective, “In addition to the financial investment that has been made, I’ve seen an unprecedented amount of time, effort and thoroughness invested by all parties involved. The fact that the deed restrictions are to be recorded on the land is significant, because it dedicates the land to this use both now and in the future. It leads me to believe that this is truly Abbott’s Development. It is now up to their business planners to decide when it is best to begin and which approach to take.”

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