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Village Welcomes New Business in '08
The chart attached as a PDF below represents seven businesses who have had Site and Operational Plans approved by the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission thus far in 2008. Though the Commission and Village staff have reviewed additional Site and Operational Plans (than those shown) for various prospective industrial sites, expansions and tenant changes, those above specifically represent job growth and economic development in the Village of Pleasant Prairie.

The introduction of new business and industry reinforces a healthy level of economic diversity and provides our local economy with added balance and stability. The diversity can help “soften the impact” when a local employer closes or makes cuts in their workforce. The introduction of new business also impacts the financial value of the Village.

With the corporate park development in Pleasant Prairie alone being valued at nearly $736 million and accounting for 26.61% of the total value of the Village, the implications for the area taxpayer are positive. “The economic development in the Village has helped to keep things on an even keel, despite the slowdown in the national economy,” stated Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator. “It has supplemented the tax base and provided somewhat of a buffer for the community during a time when the housing market has been slowing down.”

In addition to those listed above, the Village has seen and will soon see additional service and retail businesses opening in the Village. Some of the larger retailers include: Target, JCPenney, Dick’s Sporting Goods and PetSmart. The Community Development Staff, as well as the Plan Commission and Village Board, will continue to work to ensure that the level of development in the Village is balanced, orderly and prosperous.

To view larger version of the chart to the right, please see the downloadable PDF below.

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