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Severe Weather
Recently, southeastern Wisconsin has experienced a fair amount of severe weather. The Village would like to encourage all residents to stay alert and cautious when severe weather is approaching. The Wisconsin Emergency Management website offers the following suggestions for severe weather preparedness:

Prior to a Severe Weather Event:
• During a tornado watch, weather conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop. Stay alert for approaching storms.
• During a tornado warning, a tornado has been sighted by spotters or is visible on weather radar. During a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately in a place of safety.
• During a severe thunderstorm watch, weather conditions are favorable for a severe thunderstorm to develop with damaging winds and/or large hail. Remain alert for approaching storms.
• During a severe thunderstorm warning, a severe thunderstorm with damaging winds and/or large hail is imminent or occurring. Please take shelter.

Prior to a Severe Weather Event:
• Develop a severe weather plan and practice it often. You can also keep a map of your area on hand to help track storm movement based on local weather bulletins.
• Purchase a NOAA weather radio with a warning alarm tone and back-up battery. This is particularly important, as severe weather can also disable Emergency Warning Sirens.
• Listen to local radio and television stations for further weather information.

Disaster Supplies Suggestions:
• 3-day supply of water (a gallon per person, per day) and food that won’t spoil
• Blankets or sleeping bags
• First aid kit, including prescription medications
• Emergency tools, battery powered NOAA weather radio, flashlight, portable radio, and extra batteries
• An extra set of car keys and credit card or cash
• If applicable, special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members

Where to Take Shelter During a Severe Weather Event:
• If you have a basement, take shelter there. Avoid windows and cover yourself with a mattress or sleeping bag.
• If you do not have a basement, avoid windows and take shelter on the lowest floor in a small center room, such as a bathroom or closet. Stay as low to the floor as possible and cover yourself with some sort of thick padding to
protect from flying debris.
• If you are in a mobile home, get out. Get to a community shelter as quickly as possible. In Pleasant Prairie, RecPlex (located at 9900 Terwall Terrace) is an emergency shelter.
• If you are in a vehicle, get out and seek shelter in a permanent building. If there is no shelter, lie flat and face down, protecting the back of your head with your arms.

Wisconsin Emergency Management

National Weather Service

American Red Cross

Federal Emergency Management Agency

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