What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Floodplain Boundary Adjustment
During a Monday evening meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board granted approval for zoning map and text amendments that will complete a floodplain boundary adjustment on property owned by CenterPoint Properties, the Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority, and Jockey International. The property owned by CenterPoint will be the future corporate headquarters for Uline. The amendments mark the completion of another step towards the development of commercial properties south of Highway Q along the I-94 corridor.

As part of the floodplain boundary adjustment, mass grading for storm water management facilities on the properties was started in the fall of 2007. Work included the creation of 1,397,411 cubic feet of floodplain to compensate for the removal of 1,119,624 cubic feet of floodplain. The work accommodated the construction of a bypass swale and pond along the western side of the project area; the construction of three ponds and a conveyance ditch near the center of the site; and miscellaneous grading efforts to accommodate improved storm water drainage. The work has provided greater capacity to manage storm water on the site.

Prior to being able to approve the related map and text amendments, approvals for the work were required from FEMA and the Wisconsin DNR. The floodplain boundary adjustments received final approval from both FEMA and the DNR earlier this spring. “Plans are progressing quite well for the Uline Corporate Campus,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator for Pleasant Prairie. “Uline is ready to move forward, and completion of this step has helped to move things along.” Plans are also being developed for property owned by the Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority (CDA), a separate part of the project area. The plans define a business service area that will compliment and support the surrounding commercial development with a hotel and conference area, restaurants, gas/convenience and small retail. The CDA will sell the land for development according to the plans.

Previously completed work has laid the foundation for corporate interest in the area. This included the establishment of a Tax Incremental Financing District in 1999; the acquisition of land formerly occupied by two adult book stores, a military museum and an RV dealership in 2003; the installation of fiber optics to accommodate high speed internet and digital media services in 2005; and the construction of public improvements, such as sanitary sewer and water main in 2007.

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