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Carol Beach Unit 2
A public hearing was held on Monday, June 2 related to plans addressing ongoing flooding issues in a portion of Carol Beach Unit 2. After considering input from property owners in the area, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board voted to move forward with plans to design and install an engineer-approved system of skeletal storm sewer, ditches and culverts. A special assessment will be levied to cover half of the cost of the project, while funds collected by the Clean Water Utility will pay for the remaining half.

Property owners in the area have varied opinions as to how they would like to see the flooding issues addressed. Not all were in agreement with the engineered plans that include a special assessment to pay for half of the project. “The repeated flooding in the area is a matter of public health and welfare,” commented Mike Spence, Village Engineer. “We’ve been asked to help address the issue repeatedly over the years, only to be told by property owners that the solution is too expensive.” With approval of the public improvements for Unit 2, a more detailed topographic survey of the impacted area will be made. Final plans for the installation of an engineered system will be developed based on the preliminary plans and the results of the final survey.

The proposed design will handle the more frequent small storms by conveying storm water out of the area. During larger storm events, such as those exceeding the one- and two-year frequency level, storm water will still be conveyed out of the area, but it will take more time for levels to dissipate. When planning for future development in other areas, Village planners require comprehensive plans for managing storm water drainage. Because development in the Carol Beach area pre-dates the existence of Village planning and zoning, the area lacks an overall drainage plan. Professional engineers have developed a plan for this area that will accommodate existing topographical conditions, the protected wetlands that are interwoven throughout the area, and future development that may occur.

“In Carol Beach Unit 2, we’re dealing with an area that was platted for development in 1947, prior to anyone having assessed and planned for the specific topographical features of the area,” added Spence. “Storm water has been a recurring issue in this area for many years. It’s time to address flooding problems with a system engineered specifically for the topographical features of this area, a system that can effectively move water out of an area that is shaped like a saucer or shallow bowl.” Construction of the system is expected to begin once plans are approved by regulatory agencies and permits are received.

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