What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Assessment Notices
Assessment notices will be mailed to Pleasant Prairie property owners on June 2. A majority of Village property owners can expect to see a slight decrease or a slight increase in their property assessments in 2008. “This is in sharp contrast to the roughly 12% to 18% increases experienced in prior revaluation years,” according to Rocco Vita, Village Assessor.

Vita added, “Overall, the value of Pleasant Prairie has increased about 2% over the past two years. Most property owners will see little change to their assessed value resulting from this revaluation because of the ‘sideways’ nature of the real estate market in the Village.” Property valuations are based on a two-year period of data generated from actual sales of similar properties.

Community-wide revaluations are performed every two years in Pleasant Prairie in efforts to ensure a more equitable and fair application of Wisconsin’s property tax process. During periods of rapid market change or when change occurs at different rates within a community, frequent revaluations maintain a more accurate relationship between market value and assessed value. This, in turn, provides fairness for property owners by ensuring a more equitable distribution of the local property tax.

Pleasant Prairie property owners can expect to begin receiving their new assessment notices as early as June 3. Those residents with questions about their particular assessment may contact the Assessors Office at 262/925-6707. Contact information is also available on the assessment notice itself.

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