What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Temporary Moratorium
On Monday, May 19, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board voted to place a 90-day temporary moratorium on permits and approvals related to new, solid fuel-fired, outdoor, heating devices. The action was taken to allow time for staff to evaluate the use and impacts of these devices. Village staff will research and consider regulations, provisions and definitions, in addition to any potential human health hazards, related to the use of such devices.

During the 90-day period, no permits, inspections or approvals will be granted for new, solid fuel-fired, outdoor, heating devices. In addition, no permits, inspections or approvals will be granted for structures that are intended to house such a device or for any activities that would prepare a property for the operation of such a device. Pre-existing units that have previously been permitted by the Village are exempt from the moratorium, however, no permits or approvals related to the expansion of an existing device will be granted. The moratorium does not apply to outdoor fire pits (or places) that are used mainly for recreational purposes.

With the rising cost of fuel, some residents have sought alternative means to heat their home or water supply. One of the alternatives has been the use of outdoor, wood burning, heating devices. Because of the nature of these devices, a fire must smolder in order to keep heating temperatures at a reasonable level. The smoldering fire causes the device to discharge larger amounts of smoke. In more populated areas, the smoke can become a nuisance, and possibly a health hazard, to those who live nearby.

Village staff will study the potential impacts of this type of device and how to regulate their construction and operation within the Village. The study will take into account information gathered from other municipalities and potential impacts on the public health. Those residents with questions about the moratorium may contact 262/694-8027.

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