What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Public Informational Meetings Held
Two Public Informational Meetings held in late April were well attended. One was related to storm water in a portion of Carol Beach called Unit 2. The other was related to the extension of 80th Street west of Cooper Road to 57th Avenue. Residents came to share varying opinions. Public hearings have been scheduled and notices have been prepared for special assessments that will be levied for both projects.

Carol Beach Unit #2
If plans receive final approval, a series of ditches and skeletal storm sewer will be engineered and constructed beginning this year to help ease flooding issues in Carol Beach Unit 2. Half of the project will be paid for with funds from the Clean Water Utility, and half will be paid for by special assessments. The project will address flooding issues without having a negative impact on the protected wetlands that weave throughout the area.

80th Street Extension
Also to proceed upon final approval is the extension of 80th Street. It will extend west of Cooper Road to 57th Avenue. The project has been anticipated by residents and planners for many years. It will help alleviate heavy traffic flowing through a nearby residential street that has been taking more traffic than it was designed for. It will also provide safety improvements at the intersection of Cooper Road and 80th.

82nd Street Repair
On a related note, road repair on 82nd Street between Cooper Road and 57th Avenue is being planned for the 2009 summer season. Barring any unforeseen budgetary issues, plans are to repair the base coarse and lay new asphalt on the road, and to repair portions of the sidewalk. The road will not be widened and no additional changes will modify the profile of the residential street.

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