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Fire Hydrant Vandalism
During early 2007 and early 2008, several fire hydrants, installed in areas of new home construction, were vandalized. Hydrants were illegally opened and left to run until discovered. Expenses related to repairing washed out roadways and water and electricity loss caused by the vandalism total approximately $50,000.

Fire hydrants are vital to preventing loss of property and life during critical situations. Fire & Rescue personnel rely on properly functioning hydrants in the Village to provide fire protection in time-critical situations. Vandalism to fire hydrants is not only very expensive, but it also jeopardizes public safety. In addition, homes and businesses in the Village rely on the availability of an adequate water supply. Had these open hydrants gone unnoticed and continued to run, a negative impact would have been noticed by all Pleasant Prairie Water Utility customers.

The Village staff would like to ask all residents to contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department as soon as possible if you see an act of vandalism occur. This will allow for the earliest possible intervention. Recently, seven young people were charged in relation to the hydrant vandalism. The Village will now be seeking financial restitution for related expenses.

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