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New Interactive Fitness Area - The Zone
The new “Zone” interactive fitness area at LakeView RecPlex can be found in the Prairie Room, located on the second floor at RecPlex.

Equipment in the Zone will include: a Cybex Trazer, an arcade-style Dance Dance Revolution, a 3 Kick, a Heavy Ball and an Absolo. The Cybex Trazer is an interactive fitness technology. The participant wears a sensory belt and participates in virtual sports through software played on a large monitor. Dance Dance Revolution is an interactive dance game. The participants attempt to perform dance moves to up-tempo music on a special floor mat to match moves shown on a screen. The 3 Kick, also an interactive technology, prompts users to kick, punch, slap or tap a series of foam pads in alternating patterns. The equipment tracks the speed and accuracy of the contacts and assigns a score for performance.

The Heavy Ball and Absolo machines will incorporate the use of weighted balls to work core muscles. These two machines will be added in coming months. “We’re very excited to add the Zone to our fitness menu,” commented Karin Brown, Fitness and Wellness Director at RecPlex. “Our hopes are to appeal to those who might not otherwise enjoy exercise and to offer extra variety for those who want to try something new. It’s really a great way for people of all ages to experience fitness as fun.” The Zone will be open during varied times for specific age groups: youth, adult and family.

A complete listing of hours and fees is available at the RecPlex Guest Services and Fitness Desks or by telephone at 262/925-6742. RecPlex also has plans to make the Zone available for: corporate team building; school and church groups; summer, interactive Zone training camps; and group sessions. LakeView RecPlex is located at 9900 Terwall Terrace in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

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