What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

New State Law Passed
In early March, a new State bill was passed into law for the Village of Pleasant Prairie. It will enable the Village to request two additional boundary changes to its Tax Incremental District #2 (TID #2). Under current law, a maximum of four boundary adjustments can be made in a tax incremental district.

As of October 1, 2008, when the new law takes effect, the Village will be able to adopt six boundary adjustment amendments for TID #2. The boundary adjustment amendments, in effect, can add land to and remove land from the defined boundaries of the district. The Village expects that the ability to make additional boundary adjustments to the district will:

1. facilitate the districtís ability to coordinate development with other governments, in order to eliminate any possibility of property tax expenditures by local governments;
2. accommodate additional development in the area of the TID, to create future jobs and greater diversity in our local economy; and
3. return already developed properties to the tax roll earlier, in order to help expand the property tax base, thus reducing existing taxes.

TID #2 was first created in 1999. It includes specific properties from Highway 31 west to I-94. Since its creation, the district has aided in the development of LakeView Corporate Park and other commercial properties. To date, one boundary adjustment has been made to the district. The Village expects to make up to six changes over the next ten years.

Any boundary adjustment amendments will require the approval of a Joint Review Board. The Joint Review Board is comprised of representatives from each of the taxing entities. Taxing entities include: KUSD, Kenosha County, the Village and Gateway Technical College.

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