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New UV Technology for RecPlex Aquatic Center
On March 18 and 19, LakeView RecPlex will be installing a new ultraviolet light technology to control water quality in its indoor aquatic center. The new technology offers a way to quickly and effectively eliminate microorganisms and increase water quality. The new technology is viewed as a “green technology,” because it reduces dependence on harsh chemicals to remove impurities from pool water.

The main benefits RecPlex expects of the technology are: improved water quality; improved air quality in the aquatic center; longer life of swimsuits and equipment; and more efficient pool maintenance routines. “RecPlex is so excited to have this new technology,” commented Lyn Boehm, Assistant Director of Finance for RecPlex. “It provides a safer, faster-acting way for us to protect our swimmers and staff. And it helps us feel that we’re taking one more step towards a healthier planet.”

UV technology is used around the world to disinfect drinking water and in other water purification applications. RecPlex will be working with Carrico Aquatics to integrate the UV technology. In order to install the UV system, the aquatic center will be closed on March 18 and 19. LakeView RecPlex is located at 9900 Terwall Terrace in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. More information about the facility can be found online at RecPlexOnline.com.

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