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Board Agrees to Hold Off on Televising Meetings
During a March 3 Village Board Meeting, Pleasant Prairie Board members considered a report regarding the video broadcast of Village Board and Commission meetings on Pleasant Prairie PEG Channel 25. The Board decided to hold off on televising meetings until they could financially justify the budget dollars required to accurately and clearly capture all points of focus during meetings. Points of focus include: the Dais, where the board presides over the meeting; the podium, where members of the public come to present; a panel, where staff members sit to present; a presentation wall, where tables, charts, maps, photographs, and more are displayed; easels, where presenters such as developers, architects or engineers place presentation boards for Board Members to view; and the audience.

The report covered a history of the concept, which has been under evaluation since 2004. It also looked at current funding for PEG Channel services and the changes that will take place with the recently passed cable competition legislation. Other components of the report included detailed recommendations and financial estimates compiled by Village multimedia staff that would be responsible for the project. Other budgetary strains placed on the Village with recent winter weather and roadway conditions were also discussed, and a staff recommendation to reassess the project during future years’ budget working sessions was made.

“In short, we just cannot justify making this project a priority over more pressing needs, especially in a time when we are responding to major impacts on our budget due to situations that we have had no control over, namely the weather and the economy,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator. “This is something that we can revisit in the future, as priorities shift, and as more of a demand for this service grows across Village residency.” Board members shared comments regarding the report and agreed to revisit the topic in the future as warranted.

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