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CDA Plans for Development Along I-94
The Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority (CDA) is drafting plans for approximately 30 acres of land on property south of Highway 165 and west of I-94. They call for a 200-room hotel and conference center, dining, corporate offices, small retail, a gas/convenience center and a mixed-use facility. Plans outline size, placement and uses of the proposed buildings along side a redesigned I-94 frontage road.

Upon completion of the planning process, an architectural style, design standards and traffic flow will be defined for the property. Its anticipated value, once the land is fully developed according to the CDA’s plan, is $30.3 million. The CDA intends to sell the property for development according to the plan once all of the pieces are in place. It is estimated that the property will sell for $15 to $20 million.

Plans are being drafted now to accommodate the spring construction of the I-94 frontage road. “Now is the time to prepare the property in a manner that will facilitate ease of use and a safe pattern of traffic when the area reaches its full potential,” commented Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator and CDA member. “With Uline ready to begin work on their new Pleasant Prairie campus, we want to have all of the key pieces in place, including a road layout and a plan for retail support.”

Funding for work on the I-94 frontage road has already been approved as part of the 2008 budget. The expected cost for the roadwork and infrastructure is roughly $3.4 million. On February 4, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved the sale of bonds to secure funding for this and other work to begin.

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