What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Pleasant Farms Neighborhood
In response to inquiries and development proposals related to vacant property within the Pleasant Farms Neighborhood, the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission considered the adoption of a new Neighborhood Plan for the area. The Pleasant Farms Neighborhood lies west of the Canadian Pacific Railway and east of I-94 between Bain Station Road and roughly 93rd Place. In addition to the Neighborhood Plan, the Plan Commission also considered related amendments to the Village Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a master plan for development in the Village. The Neighborhood Plan is a component of the Village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. It is used to help guide future growth in the Village and to coordinate placement of public infrastructure with future development.

In addition to assisting with the review of recently received development proposals, the Pleasant Farms Neighborhood Plan will also help identify practical locations for placement of sanitary sewer in conjunction with the abandonment of the Sewer D facility. In order to comply with a temporary water diversion permit granted to the Village in the late 1980s, the Sewer D facility will be abandoned by the end of 2010. The Village applied for the permit to provide Lake Michigan drinking water to its western side after learning that ground water in area wells was contaminated with Radium.

An Open House was held from 3:00 until 4:45pm on Monday, February 25. Following the Open House, the Plan Commission held a public hearing related to the Plan and amendments during its meeting at 5:00pm.

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