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New Video Service Provider Legislation in Wisconsin
On January 9, 2008, Wisconsin Act 42, related to video service providers (VSPs) took effect. Legislators at the State level passed the Act (formerly referred to as the “cable competition bill”) to provide a more streamlined process for VSPs to offer their services in communities throughout the state. Act 42 outlines specific changes related to several aspects of the video service industry: beginning with the provider’s request for a franchise, through the installation of hardware in community right-of-ways, and ending with protections for the consumer. Below are some recaps of how Act 42 may affect you as a Pleasant Prairie resident and how it will affect services that the Village currently offers.

• You may see more companies competing for your video service business.

• You may see additional “boxes” (similar to green cable boxes) installed in your neighborhood.

• The Village can continue to offer you news and information via local PEG Channels, such as Time Warner Cable Channel 25, but will need to meet new PEG channel programming requirements.

• VSPs will be required to pay the Village a “video service provider fee” based on a percentage of the provider’s gross revenues.

• The Village will have no authority to deny a VSP access to the community right-of-ways and little authority to settle disputes over placement of the hardware and wiring.

At present, Time Warner Cable is the only State authorized video service provider in the Village of Pleasant Prairie. Village staff is aware of one other video service provider who has expressed interest in providing video service in Pleasant Prairie. The Village, however, has not yet received notification that any video service provider, other than Time Warner Cable, has a valid State franchise agreement to install hardware and provide competitive service in Pleasant Prairie.

As Village staff learns more about the plans of authorized video service providers, and the impact their work will have on you as Village residents, we will make updated information available.

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