What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Department Receives Grant to Fund Special Needs Bus
During late 2007, the Therapeutic Recreation Department was awarded a grant totaling $83,858 from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to aid in the transportation of people with special needs. The Department applied for the grant in August of 2007 to cover operating and capital expenses for transporting clients in 2008, because no public transit is currently available for clients to the Therapeutic Recreation Programs at RecPlex (with the exception of bus service for KUSD students for before- and after-school care).

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Services at RecPlex serve people with physical and cognitive disabilities. TR programs offer clients with special needs the opportunity to remain active members of the community. Participation in TR programs keeps people with special needs physically and socially engaged and helps to reduce depression, health care costs and a sedentary lifestyle. Through RecPlex, Therapeutic Recreation clients have access to: an indoor aquatic center with warm, therapeutic water; an indoor walking track; a large athletic fieldhouse; a fitness facility; ice rinks; instructional rooms; racquetball courts; and an 825-acre park with walking trails and a spring-fed lake.

With the grant monies, the Therapeutic Recreation program will aim to serve specific areas in the Village of Pleasant Prairie, the City of Kenosha, and the Town of Somers during 2008. Transportation service has been proposed for group homes, home bound persons with disabilities, care and rehab centers, and for adaptive physical education courses, all on a weekly basis. Along with the grant monies, the transportation program will be funded with client fares, revenue generated from the lease of land for cellular towers, and with proceeds from the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon. Pleasant Prairie is one of 18 groups in the State to receive a new Freedom Grant in 2008.

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