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Public Works Emergencies
During a Public Works Emergency Pleasant Prairie operates a 24-hour emergency telephone line for public works emergencies. Calls are answered by public safety dispatchers. When the situation warrants, dispatchers notify the appropriate personnel, and action to address the emergency begins.

In order to effectively use the Public Works emergency number, it is important to understand what types of situations constitute a public works emergency. The list below is a guide to help you understand when it is appropriate to call the Public Works emergency number.

During a Public Works Emergency call the Public Works Emergency Number at 262.694.1234:
if you observe flooding in a certain area
if you experience a sewer backup in your area or home
if you observe what appears to be a water main break
if you experience severe wind damage in public areas
if you observe downed trees in the roadway or right of way
if you observe major roadway damage that poses a danger
if you experience a snow related emergency

Because the Public Works emergency number is answered by public safety dispatchers, citizens are asked to use discretion when deciding to use the emergency number. When the emergency number is used for a non-emergency situation, dispatchers are distracted from their primary objective, assisting those with truly urgent emergencies.

By using the emergency number in a non-emergency situation, you could be costing someone valuable time in a lifethreatening situation.

For public works situations that need to be addressed but are not emergencies, residents are asked to contact the weekday telephone number for the Public Works Department. Calls to this number are answered by Public Works staff who can effectively and efficiently handle your call and direct relevant work to the next available crew member.

Call the Public Works Department at 262.925.6700:
to inquire about garbage and recycling collection
to inquire about compost or leaf collection services
to report potholes or areas in the roadway in need of repair
if a mailbox has been damaged by snow plowing operations
to make inquiries regarding snow removal operations

During a severe weather or emergency event, the Village will post municipal updates as they become available to PleasantPrairieOnline.com (with followup Tweets at PlPrairieWI and posts on Facebook at VillageofPleasantPrairieWI), to Time Warner Cable Channel 25 and to AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. The Village will also share information with local news media/stations during a severe weather or emergency event.

Updates could include: emergency closures of roadways or locations; locations where public safety and public works operations are being concentrated first; special actions residents should take and safety instructions during emergency situations; and a general overview or assessment of the emergency.

During larger, Village-wide emergencies, public safety staff will also issue text and email alerts through Nixle.com In order to receive these alerts on your smart phone, residents must opt-in to Nixle.com either online through their website or quickly via text. Nixle is a free service for residents, and Nixle will respect your contact information.


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