What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Water Test Kits
Wisconsin Emergency Management personnel are in Kenosha County today, actively working with county and municipal officials to compile a cost estimate of the total damage caused by last week’s flooding.

A new supply of water test kits have arrived in Kenosha County early this afternoon.

Residents whose wells were submerged by floodwaters are urged to disinfect and test their well water before drinking it. Test kits, provided by the state Department of Health Services, ran out in Kenosha County on Sunday. The county is now in the process of receiving a supply of 300 additional kits.

The kits are available at the former Silver Lake Village Hall, 113 S. First St., in the Village of Salem Lakes, the Kenosha County Center at highways 45 and 50 in Bristol, and the Kenosha County Job Center, 8600 Sheridan Road in Kenosha. Flood-affected residents may pick up a kit at any location where they’re available.

Kenosha County public health nurses remain available at the former Silver Lake Village Hall, the Kenosha County Center and the Job Center to provide tetanus shots to people who received puncture wounds in the floods.


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