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Driving with Bicycle Lanes
When can a car enter a bike lane?

As bicycle lanes are incorporated into more roads throughout our community, questions arise relating to the responsibilities of bicyclists and motorists who are sharing the road. One of the questions asked most frequently is whether or not an automobile can drive in a bicycle lane. The answer follows.

There are limited times when an automobile may merge into a designated bike lane. According to state statute, “No operator of a motor vehicle may drive upon a bicycle lane or bicycle way except to enter a driveway, to merge into a bicycle lane before turning at an intersection, or to enter or leave a parking space located adjacent to the bicycle lane or bicycle way.” It is illegal for a motor vehicle to enter a bike lane to pass another vehicle.

The Village would like to remind drivers to please use extra care when sharing the road with bicyclists. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reminds motorists that:
• Bicycles are vehicles. They belong on the road.
• Cyclists need room to get around potholes, sewer grates and other obstructions.
• Leave at least three feet when passing bicycles, more room at higher speeds.
• Change lanes to pass any bicycle in a narrow lane.
• Train yourself to scan for fast moving bicycles and motorcycles, and for pedestrians, when making a turn and before leaving a stop light or stop sign.

The Village would like to thank both drivers and bicyclists for obeying traffic safety rules and respecting other travelers on the roadway.


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