What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Riverview Corporate Park

On Monday evening, July 21, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved a Development Agreement for Riverview Corporate Park. Located in the new M-5 manufacturing district in Pleasant Prairie, Riverview Corporate Park will accommodate office and manufacturing uses that may have distribution as a secondary use. The intent is to create more job density per acre to help balance and compliment existing distribution uses (uses that are typically less job-dense).

As part of the agreement, the Village will use funds from Tax Increment District (TID) #2 to install sewer and water infrastructure as well as streets. The developer will perform grading that will prepare the area for potential businesses. Riverview Group, LLC, the developers of Riverview Corporate Park, will guarantee the work with a letter of credit in order to ensure that the TID is made whole if development does not proceed.

If interest in Riverview warrants, the Village would then proceed with a second phase of improvements at a point in the future. Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator explained, “We’re looking forward to seeing what the developer of Riverview Corporate Park can do with this land. We’re excited for the prospect of our first project in the M-5 district.” No businesses have yet been identified for location in Riverview Corporate Park.

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