What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

On July 2, Milwaukee media cited a commercial real estate source regarding plans for a Costco store in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Community Development staff in Pleasant Prairie is presently working with the company and its representatives to compile a complete package for formal application. This process involves a great deal of initial coordination to complete and gather the multiple detailed documents that are part of the application process. It involves discussion regarding which type of plans a company would like to submit. The process involves a preliminary high-level review of plans by staff to identify necessary modifications to meet community standards.

Community Development Director Jean Werbie-Harris explained, “At this point in the process, we are still working with Costco and their representatives to determine which documents for the application package have been submitted and which are still outstanding. At this point, it would not be prudent to rush to make public comments on any plans, because we simply haven’t reached that point in the process.” Once all of the components for the formal application package have been received, staff will begin a review of the documents, prepare a compilation of staff comments regarding the submittal, and then prepare the information for a public hearing and consideration to Pleasant Prairie’s Plan Commission.

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