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The school bell shown above was donated to the Historical Society by June Nelson in 2013. The solid brass school bell was used at the Lamb School House (District #11) and has a “nice, loud ring.” June, who lived with her family on a farm on Sheridan Road, actually attended Lamb School for two years, until her family moved to a farm on Cooper Road. June, received the bell from her mother, Doris White, about eleven years ago. Doris attended Lamb School for eight years between 1915 and 1923.

The Lamb School, named for a nearby property owner, John Lamb, was located on Sheridan Road, about one-half of a mile south of what is now State Highway 50. A document dated September 10, 1866 described the school house as constructed out of wood and well-enclosed. It indicated that 40 school children attended the school that year along with two female teachers who each earned $20 per month. A letter included with the document described the school house as a 25 x 35 foot-room with 12-foot high ceilings. The site was described as a half acre enclosed by a good board fence. The estimated cost to construct Lamb School was $1,000. The letter urged that builders of school houses pay more attention in the future to seating, the position of the stove, and ventilation.

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