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Dog Ownership
During 2012, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department handled 400 animal control complaints. During 2013, the department handled 463 animal related complaints. A majority of these are related to dogs.

In an effort to reduce the number of animal related complaints, the department is asking pet owners for assistance. Pet owners can show their neighbors common courtesy, abide by the law, and can help keep their pets and neighborhoods safe by considering the following guidelines:

• Please keep your dog properly leashed and under your control when away from your property;
• Please tend to your dog’s barking or other noises in a timely manner, so it does not become an annoyance to those living nearby;
• Ensure that your dog has been properly vaccinated for rabies;
• License your dog with the Village;
• Keep your property reasonably clean of dog waste, and please clean up after your dog when out for a walk;
• Keep your dog on a leash while on any street, bike path, beach, public ground and park in the Village.

As a responsible dog owner, following are the first steps you should take if your dog bites another pet or an individual.

• Gather your dog’s licensing documents and proof of vaccination. These are the first items that the police will need to verify.
• Contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262.694.7353 and indicate that a dog bite has occurred.

The golden rule for responsible dog ownership dictates that your decision to own a dog must not impact in any way upon the lives of those who live around you and who choose not to have a dog. The Pleasant Prairie Police Department thanks you for your consideration and responsibility as a dog owner.

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