What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Fire Station Relocation
On Monday, May 12, site and operational plans were considered and approved for the relocation/construction of Fire Station #1 in Pleasant Prairie. The new station will be able to accommodate newer model fire tanker and ladder trucks that have continued to grow in size and function over time. Fire Station #1 will be moved from the south side of Pleasant Prairie’s current municipal building on 39th Avenue to Village-owned property located just north of site.

The move will create a multi-building property that will be able to accommodate both current and future needs as the area continues to develop. Plans call for the Village Green Center to be developed, by private developers, immediately west of the municipal property on approximately 187 acres.

The relocated fire station will have a total of 17,600 square feet and will offer a four-door (front and back) drive-through apparatus bay and room to care for and store related fire and rescue equipment. The station will also house: a watch room; offices; a conference and training room; a staff dormitory; kitchen and dining area; dayroom; turnout gear room; and a mezzanine with training and practice areas.

Access points to the fire station and Village Hall will be reconfigured as part of the 39th Avenue reconstruction project in order to accommodate the safe and efficient flow of automobile and fire and rescue traffic. Construction of the fire station is expected to take place during 2014 and to be completed during the spring of 2015.

After the station relocation has been completed, the former fire station will be converted into a new auditorium and meeting space. Improvements will also be made to parking areas surrounding Village Hall, and the entrance area will be reconfigured. Sidewalks and improvements to help manage storm water will also be installed.

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