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Trustee Resignation
On Tuesday, February 18, Trustee Monica Yuhas presented a letter of resignation from Pleasant Prairie’s Village Board to the Village Clerk. Yuhas resigned her position on the Board in order to be considered for employment with the Village. The Village Board will now begin the process of seeking and appointing a replacement until the position comes up for election in 2015.

Yuhas is pursuing a position as a Planning and Engineering Clerk. In a letter of resignation, Yuhas indicated that at this point in her life she must prioritize the needs of her family and employment before her love for public service in Pleasant Prairie.

The Village received 22 applications for the Planning and Engineering Clerk position. Six applicants were contacted for an interview, and three were subsequently chosen to test for the position. Yuhas was one of the three; she earned the highest aggregate score on the interview questions and technical testing.

“During the application, interview and testing process, all candidates for the position were scored on the same criteria. In addition to scoring well on the technical testing, Yuhas received the highest score on the question and answer portion of the interview,” explained Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff. “Yuhas demonstrated a knowledge of the planning and engineering process necessary for the related work that other applicants did not.”

A copy of the letter, which is also addressed to the residents of Pleasant Prairie, is available by clicking "View PDF" below.

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