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Natural Gas Line
Damage from digging is the most common cause of underground natural gas leaks. Knowing where buried natural gas lines are located before beginning a digging project is the best way to avoid being injured and disrupting utility service in your neighborhood. You can learn where utility lines are buried before you start a digging project by calling Wisconsinís Diggers Hotline at 800-242-8511.

Signs of a gas leak could include: unexplained dead or dying grass or other vegetation near a pipeline; dirt or debris blowing into the air; water bubbling in a puddle, river, pond or creek; unusual hissing, whistling, or roaring sound; or smelling an odor of rotten eggs. If you notice warning signs of a gas leak: leave the area immediately; donít touch anything that might create a spark; and call
We Energies natural gas leak and emergency number at 800-261-5325.

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