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Street Foreman Retires
During a Monday, February 3 meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board presented recently retired Street Foreman Gary Sullivan with a Resolution of Appreciation and Recognition. Sullivan, who started with the Village in 1993 as a Truck Driver and had been Street Foreman since 2001, had worked for the Village for twenty years. Sullivan was recognized by the Village for his expertise and devotion to duty, in addition to the valuable effect he had on the efficiency and morale of his staff in the Streets Department.

“This time of year in Pleasant Prairie, we’re known for keeping our roads clear when snow falls. What many people may not know, is that for years Gary has played a key role in making this happen,” explained Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. “Day or night, when snow started to fall, Gary would watch the conditions, drive the roads, and make the call to start plowing operations. He’d be there making sure all the bases were covered.” Steinbrink added, “We all really respect Gary; he had a calm, practical, common sense approach to tackling anything that arose.”

The Village has selected Joe Middleton as the next Street Foreman in Pleasant Prairie. “We’re excited for Joe to start as our new Street Foreman,” Steinbrink commented. “I’m incredibly confident in his ability to bring the same high level of service to the residents of Pleasant Prairie that he has been for the past 11 years.” Middleton began working for Pleasant Prairie in May of 2002 as a seasonal Parks employee. He began working in the Streets Department part-time in 2006 and was hired full-time in January of 2007. Middleton is currently working towards an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering and has a wide range of experience providing Public Works services.

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