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Neighborhood Watch
Police Seek Residents Interested in Starting a Neighborhood Watch

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is seeking residents who are interested in starting or reviving a Neighborhood Watch program on their street. Neighborhood Watch programs encourage neighbors to get to know each other, to watch out for each other, and to call the police when something just doesn’t seem right.

Studies have shown that neighborhoods whose residents pull together and form active Neighborhood Watch groups and implement simple low-cost crime prevention programs can help prevent and reduce criminal activity.

You can help create a Neighborhood Watch on your street by: hosting a Neighborhood Watch formation meeting; attending a Neighborhood Watch meeting; becoming a Neighborhood Watch member or block captain; taking steps to secure your home; and becoming an active reporter of suspicious activity and/or persons.

If you are interested in helping to start a Neighborhood Watch on your street, please call the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262.694.7353 or email police@plprairie.com, and let us know that you’d like to help.

A flyer related to Neighborhood Watch is available by clicking "View PDF" below.

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