What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Private Water Line Mailing
The Village of Pleasant Prairie is asking homeowners throughout the Village to contact staff in Pleasant Prairie’s Engineering Department at 262.948.8951 prior to considering the purchase of Private Water Service Line Insurance that they may not need. Homeowners have been receiving mail from a private company offering insurance coverage for private water lines. The Village is not affiliated with this company.

By contacting the Village Engineering Department, Pleasant Prairie homeowners can learn more about their private water line in order to make an informed decision. Engineering staff can help a homeowner determine the age of their water line and the material it is made out of. In Pleasant Prairie, most residential water lines are copper or PVC piping; very few lines in older areas were constructed of galvanized steel.

“Our experience with copper and PVC piping in Pleasant Prairie has been that it holds up very well and is quite stable,” explained Mike Spence, Village Engineer. “For a majority of Pleasant Prairie residents, becoming more familiar with their own situation is a great first step towards assessing the cost versus benefit of this particular offer.”

The Village also recommends that homeowners learn more about the companies offering such services through the Better Business Bureau at 1.800.273.1002 or the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection 1.800.422.7128. Village homeowners can contact the Engineering Department at 262.948.8951.

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