What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Future Residential Roads
In past years, asphalt had been considered a less expensive alternative than concrete for building a new road way. With the increasing cost of petroleum based products and the slower (more extended) pace of new construction in residential subdivisions, this is no longer always the case. Road work has become increasingly more expensive and funding sources have not kept pace with the increasing costs. In response, Village staff has been seeking ways to maximize the usable life of a road while minimizing maintenance and repair expenses over the road’s lifespan.

In order to build road infrastructure that will require less costly upkeep over its useful life, the Village has modified the way future residential roads will be built. Until recently, new residential roads in the Village were built with an asphalt base course and covered by a surface course of asphalt. Going forward, new residential roads that are built will now have a 7 inch concrete base layer covered by a surface course of asphalt. This should lead to both a longer lifespan for the road and lower maintenance and repair costs.

One other change, the design of future residential roads will also include 5 foot sidewalks on each side of the street. This will enable pedestrian and bicycle traffic to become more viable forms of transportation in the Village for the future.

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