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2014 Budget Process
Since incorporation in 1989, the Village has taken a consistent and steady approach to balance economic development, residential growth and recreational resources. The goal of this approach is to foster financial, social and environmental sustainability in order to make the Village a better place to live, work and enjoy life over the long-term.

The balance between corporate and residential tax payers in the Village has lent a certain level of stability to our local tax base and has put the Village in a financially stable position. Since incorporation, well in advance of the recent economic downturn, Village leadership committed to providing a high level of service for residents in the most lean, innovative, and efficient manner possible.

While this put the Village in a position to weather our country’s last recession, the Village has taken additional measures to offset ongoing budgetary challenges. In some cases, this has meant shifting budget dollars to bolster one core service (police, fire, rescue, and public works) over another. In other cases, this has meant postponing needed improvements, maintenance or repair.

The general needs that remain are to maintain and replace aging infrastructure and equipment and to maintain an adequate level of qualified staff. The challenge faced by the community in meeting these needs is to manage the budget in a way that keeps pace with future cost increases.

The Village receives income from:
• the property tax (19% of what you pay annually),
• a shared utility tax from the State,
• a non-utility, shared revenue payment from the State,
• user fees charged for services provided (such as for rescue or building inspection),
• impact fees (collected from developers to help offset costs related to adding service capacity to accommodate the growth they create),
• borrowing (typically for larger capital projects with a long lifespan and return),
• State or Federal grants received,
• the resale of capital equipment, and
• donations.

The Village Board, department heads and staff remain committed to: safeguarding municipal investments and operations in a cost effective and realistic manner; attracting new economic development in order to supplement the tax base and provide a balanced, stable financial environment; and continuing to focus on high-quality public safety services and cost efficient public works/roadway improvements.

Village staff presented a proposed budget to the Village Board for their consideration on Monday, October 21. You can find the budget information presented to the Board by clicking here and then selecting the link to the October 21 Village Board e-packet. You can also find more detailed budget information by clicking here.

The Village Board will make a determination on the 2014 budget during its meeting on Monday, November 18. Village Board meetings are held the first and third Mondays of the month in the Village Hall auditorium (9915 39th Avenue) beginning at 6:00 p.m. o

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