What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Two Site and Operational Plans Approved For Rust-Oleum Location In LakeView Corporate Park

During a September 9 meeting of the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission, two sets of Site and Operational Plans were approved for Rust-Oleum Corporation, a protective paints and coatings company headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

Rust-Oleum received approval to install a 320 square foot structure that will be placed on a concrete pad in the rear of their facility located at 8105 95th Street in LakeView Corporate Park. The 320 square foot structure will house new equipment for adding propellant to aerosol cans. The new equipment structure is expected to be operational as soon as possible.

Rust-Oleum also received approval to install two new storage tanks, a tanker unloading pad, utility room, and pump room on a concrete pad in the rear of the same facility. The combined square footage of the new installation is 2,910. The installation is intended to accommodate additional deliveries of chemicals currently used by the company. The company anticipates beginning work on the expansion near the end of November 2013. Both installations will be placed in an area that is out of the line of sight from adjacent roadways.

Rust-Oleum currently employs 293 full- and part-time employees over four shifts from its Pleasant Prairie location. Standard hours of operation are 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The company initially plans to use existing staff to operate the new equipment. As sales continue to grow, the company anticipates that additional employees will be hired to run the plantsí equipment.

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