What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

New Dog Swim Area
A new Dog Swim Area has been created at Lake Andrea inside Prairie Springs Park (9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin). The new Dog Swim Area is located on the north side of the lake, just east of the boat launch. New signs have been placed on either end of the area, and trash receptacles have been made available for bagged dog droppings.

During the warmer months of the year, many dog owners bring their dogs to swim in Lake Andrea. Areas adjacent to Lake Andrea Beach have become a popular place for dogs to enter the water. In a measure to maintain water quality for human swimmers at Lake Andrea Beach, a formal Dog Swim area has been created, and signs have been posted asking pet owners to have their dogs enter Lake Andrea in the new Dog Swim Area.

Signs have also been posted in the areas adjacent to Lake Andrea Beach indicating that dogs should enter the water in the new Dog Swim Area, located just east of the boat launch on the north side of the lake. The Village asks that all dog owners and all visitors to Prairie Springs Park abide by the signage posted in the park in order to show respect for all users of the park. The Village thanks all visitors to the park for their thoughtful consideration of others.

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