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Park and Open Space Plan
During the month of May, Pleasant Prairie’s Park Commission, Plan Commission and Village Board considered and approved the 2013-2018 Park and Open Space Plan for the Village. Over many years, the Village has planned for and developed a park system and open spaces that are designed to meet the needs of the people who live in our community.

Every five years, Village staff updates and refines the plan based on changes in the community and in accordance with established guidelines. This enables the Village to remain qualified for certification from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and therefore maintain eligibility to qualify for matching grant funding through the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Wisconsin Stewardship Fund.

The plan document includes general background information and demographics about the community to establish the context surrounding the plan. The document also inventories existing park and recreational facilities in the area, then addresses the public input received about parks and open spaces in the Village. It proceeds to analyze the data gathered and make policy and conceptual recommendations to guide future work within the park system as funds become available.

As new development occurs in the Village, funds from the new development are allocated to parks and open spaces in order to pay for the future extension of trail connections and parks that would serve the new development. The Park and Open Space Plan will also help guide the future extension of these services to new development.

Major recommendations made in the Plan that will help guide future projects as funds become available include: continue to identify, acquire and provide land for quality public outdoor recreation; prepare information and educate the community about park and recreational opportunities currently available; preserve the Village’s natural, cultural and archeological resources for current and future residents; provide interconnected bike and walking trails related to public open space areas; and continue to maintain and upgrade existing park facilities. A copy of the Park and Open Space Plan is available by clicking here.

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