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Adoption Applications
During April of this year, multiple animals were seized from a Pleasant Prairie farm during the execution of two search warrants related to animal welfare. Since that time, the animals have been sheltered and cared for, by local rescue groups and volunteers.

During a June hearing, the owners of the animals agreed to transfer custody of the seized animals to the Village of Pleasant Prairie, which has allowed the animals to be put up for adoption. The following animals were made available for adoption to individuals who are equipped to care for them: 23 horses, 20 ducks, eight (8) cats, seven (7) sheep, four (4) chickens, three (3) geese, three (3) goats, three (3) rabbits, one (1) bull, and one (1) peacock.

At press time (mid-July), numerous fowl, two rams and six horses were still available for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting one or more of the animals can find more information along with an application by clicking "View PDF" below. More information about the animals is also available at clawzandpawz.info.

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the care of the animals is asked to contact the Pleasant Prairie Police Department at 262.694.7353. As of press time, the Village had approximately $40,000 of outstanding expenses related to the animals (boarding-, feeding- and veterinary care-related) in addition to several thousand dollars in legal fees related to the case. The Village would like to sincerely thank all those who have already made donations and have volunteered their time and attention towards the animalsí care.

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