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BP Amoco Update
Conditional Use Permit for Owners of BP Amoco Conditionally Approved For One Year Following Corrections...Monitoring of Site Will Be Ongoing

During 2012, a BP Amoco station located at 10477 120th Avenue was ordered to stop an ongoing illicit discharge of petroleum products into a drainage ditch adjacent to the property. The discharge was indicating soil and groundwater contamination onsite. The station owners were also ordered to develop and implement a plan to treat the contaminated discharge.

The discharge was initially brought to the attention of the Village, the State Department of Natural Resources, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation during 2011. At that point, discussions with the station began.

After repeated requests, regarding the stationís plans to stop the discharge and remediate the contamination, were not met with sufficient response from the station owner, the Village initiated the process to revoke or suspend the stationís conditional use permit, a permit that allows them to remain in business.

Since that time, station owners have been working with the Village and environmental consultants to properly address the discharge and remediation needs. Station owners have installed special equipment at the site to capture and treat contaminated groundwater from the property (contamination could remain in the soils at the site for many years). They have also formed a plan to address monitoring and remediation needs on an ongoing basis.

Village staff and consultants recently determined that the required steps, to stop the discharge and monitor surrounding soils and groundwater for contamination on an ongoing basis, have now been implemented. On Monday, May 28, the Village Plan Commission voted to conditionally approve (for a one year time frame) the permit that allows the station to remain in business.

Village staff will continue to monitor the site and review environmental reports related to the remediation efforts. Updates will be shared with the Village Plan Commission on an ongoing basis.

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