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Olympic Skating Coach
World and Olympic Coach Frank Carroll will host a figure skating seminar at the RecPlex Ice Arena on Sunday, June 9 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The seminar is structured for competitive skaters working on an axel or higher. During the seminar, skaters will be split into groups by competitive level to focus on: off-ice jumps; moves and edges; stretching; on ice jumps; on-ice spins; a judge’s perspective (International); and a discussion with parents, coaches, skaters and Frank Carroll.

As an American figure skating coach, Frank Carroll has coached four Olympic medalists: Linda Fratianne (Silver, 1980), Michelle Kwan (Silver, 1998), Timothy Goebel (Bronze, 2002), and Evan Lysacek (Gold, 2010). Carroll, a former competitive and later professional skater, also coached Fratianne, Kwan and Lysacek to win the World Figure Skating Championships.

The cost for the seminar is $175 per skater and $100 per coach. Registration forms are available at www.cuttingedgefsc.org under a link on the main page titled “Frank Carroll Seminar Coming.” For more information about the Frank Carroll Seminar, please call 716.907.0774. The RecPlex Ice Arena is located one mile east of I-94 on Highway 165 in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (9900 Terwall Terrace). The entrance to the Ice Arena is on the north end of the facility. More information about RecPlex is available at www.recplexonline.com or by calling 262.925.6755.

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