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Public Safety
Annually during the second full week of April, public safety dispatch centers around the country recognize National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. Public safety dispatchers are the first contact most people have during an emergency situation. Dispatchers are a crucial link to emergency professionals during times of crisis.

In Pleasant Prairie, a dispatch center is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Dispatchers answer emergency calls for the Police and Fire & Rescue Departments. They then route the appropriate emergency resources to the necessary location and begin paperwork for a call.

Dispatchers maintain a channel of communication between the person in need and the emergency responders, providing critical information and updates along the way. Dispatchers will also help monitor conditions (such as weather) surrounding a call and provide supplemental information when requested by a responder.

In addition to both emergency and non-emergency calls, after hours, dispatchers will answer calls for the Public Works Emergency number and will greet walk ins to the Police Department counter. Their work ensures that the public has access to Pleasant Prairie’s emergency services when the need arises.

In the event of a life threatening emergency, most are familiar with dialing 9-1-1. But there are other, non-life threatening situations when residents may need to contact public safety dispatchers. Some of these situations could include: reporting a minor accident; making an inquiry as to how to handle a situation; or reporting a suspicious occurrence. The non-emergency number for Pleasant Prairie’s dispatch center is 262.694.7353 (below are additional numbers and resources you may find helpful).

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department would like to remind residents to remain aware of what takes place in your neighborhood and to contact the police department if you notice something that just doesn’t look right. Many times, a call from a concerned citizen has helped uncover and stop criminal activity. If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call 262.694.7353.

Who to call for help and where to find municipal updates during an emergency...

9-1-1 (public safety emergency)
Dial 9-1-1 when you need emergency responders to reach you quickly with help.

262.694.7353 (public safety non-emergency)
Dial 694.7353 when you need to reach public safety officers for a non-emergency situation.

262.694.1234 (public works emergency)
Dial 694.1234 to report a public works emergency such as a downed tree over a road, flooding, a sewer backup, or a main break.

262.925.6700 (public works non-emergency)
Dial 925.6700 if you have questions related to daily public works operations like garbage collection or to report damaged signs, non-working street lights or potholes.

PleasantPrairieOnline.com (this website)
Time Warner Cable Channel 25
AT&T U-verse Channel 99

During Village-wide emergencies, you can find updates on the main page of this website, Time Warner Cable Channel 25 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99.

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