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2013 Paving Projects
Each year, the Village receives roughly 19% of the property tax dollars paid by Village residents. Of this 19%, approximately 50% is invested in public safety services (police, fire, rescue); 20% is used to pay for general government operations; 9% is used to pay down existing debt; and 5% is invested in the Community Development and Parks Departments.

The remaining 16% is invested in public works operations, such as snow plowing, road maintenance and related activities. During 2013, the Village has budgeted $650,000 from the capital fund budget for paving projects. During 2012, $600,000 was budgeted for
paving projects.

With the increasing cost of asphalt (a petroleum/oil based product) over the past several years, these dollars will no longer purchase the same amount of work as they have in the past. The road paving and construction budget is further impacted by reductions in local road funding available from the State and Federal governments and other budget demands and constraints.

The challenge of maintaining transportation infrastructure (with flat or declining revenues and increasing costs) is
affecting communities throughout the state and all levels of government. These circumstances are not expected to change within the next several years.

In response to this mix of circumstances, the Village has been and will continue to focus monies on paving projects that will help extend the useful life of our roads and delay the need for their resurfacing or reconstruction, which are more costly alternatives. Village staff remains mindful, however, of the fact that there are currently roads in the Village that are in need of resurfacing or reconstruction. Staff has been working on both short- and long-term plans to address these needs.

In early May, the Village Board awarded a contract for 2013 paving projects to Black Diamond Group of Oak Creek in the amount of $649,265.10. Work on Village paving projects is expected to begin in June and to continue through the end of August. Seven paving projects are slated for completion during 2013.

Work will take place on 116th Street, between 26th and 39th Avenues. Asphalt will be pulverized and relayed, and the road will be reshouldered. This is a resurfacing project to match work completed in recent years to both the east and the west.

Resurfacing will take place on 89th Street. Asphalt will be pulverized and relayed, and the road will be reshouldered.

Work will take place on 98th Avenue. Asphalt will be pulverized and relayed, and the road will be reshouldered. This is a resurfacing project.

Work will take place in a portion of the Prairie Ridge Subdivision. The top layer of asphalt will be milled and removed, and an ultrathin asphalt overlay will be applied. The purpose of this work is to weatherproof the road to prevent water infiltration in order to prolong its life. The weatherproofing work is expected to continue in this subdivision in subsequent years.

Resurfacing will take place at the 57th Avenue water tower site. Asphalt will be pulverized and relayed. A turnaround area will be prepared, and the road will be shouldered.

Work will be completed on the Ingram Park entrance road and parking lot. A foundation will be prepared, and curb, gutter and asphalt will be installed.

Work will be completed at the abandoned West I-94 Frontage Road. A portion of the abandoned road and two culverts will be removed, and silt fence will be installed. (This paving project will be paid for with funds from Tax Incremental District #2 [$47,960]).

During these projects, street parking may be limited. Though access to driveways will be blocked by work crews for short periods (when asphalt is being applied and rolled), these periods will be brief. Staff thanks you for your consideration during road work season.

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